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Marxism-Leninism-Maoism Study Notes

Marxism-Leninism-Maoism Study Notes This book is a study guide by the Communist Party of India (ML) (PW). Formatted from PDF to epub by me, like the last one. I'll be checking it further in the following days for possible errors, as the formatting generated by converting this one was harder …

  • Sun 17 May 2020
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Running LibreMesh w/o Internet

A while back I wrote about the community networks around Cuba. As a bonus I feel it worthwhile to show you all how you could run your own, with end-to-end Yggdrasil encryption and Internet software updates for your router without sharing said connection with those who join your public access …

  • Mon 27 April 2020
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The SNET in Cuba

So in Cuba there were these local, ground-up, and cheap (in some cases free) networks collectively known as SNET. These networks were intranets after all (street networks), and had no contact with the outside internet. Some time last year, Cuba's Ministry of Communications passed resolutions "limiting wireless transmission power and …

  • Sun 26 April 2020
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For the time being this site will be used for sharing Marxist or Leftist books in general in the EPUB format. All of these have been personally formatted by me, as I feel there are too many PDFs that could use some touching up to be more accessible for people …